Australian Lamb

The wide open pastures of Australia are the perfect environment for producing truly superior lamb. Ideal growing conditions combined with scientific breeding produce tender, delicately flavored lamb.

Australian Range Lambs graze freely on natural pastures, making unnecessary the use of hormones and antibiotics often used in feedlot operations.

Our commitment to quality and service has made our exclusive "Aussie Lamb Brand" the number one selling label of Fresh Australian Range Lamb in North America.

Restaurateurs and retailers throughout North America are switching to Australian Lamb for its mild flavor, large muscle, steady pricing and year round supply. Fresh Australian Range Lamb has been awarded the Gold Medal from Chefs in America year after year.


Superior Quality Fresh Lamb

Large Muscled, Light Colored Meat

Mild Flavor, Tender & Delicious

Available Fresh Year-Round


All Natural

Free Range - Grass Fed

No Steroids or Hormones

No Sub Therapeutic Antibiotics


Value Added Cuts

Close Trim/Little or No Waste

Oven Ready Cuts to Save Time and Money

Innovative Cuts for Menu Options


Daily Fresh Shipments

Air and Sea Freight to U.S. within 24 Hours of Production




Meets or Exceeds all USDA Requirements

USDA Approved Packing Plant

USDA Inspected Upon Arrival in U.S.

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